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The Al Jamia Student Activities Centre strives to maximize personal growth and development in students by providing a variety of opportunities for involvement, service, and leadership in co-curricular activities. Student activities supports the academic mission of Al Jamia by working to create experiential learning options outside the classroom and encouraging students to actively participate in the greater educational community. The Centre is committed to achieving a pluralistic community and to assisting the student body in developing rational, critical and creative capabilities. More specifically, the Centre seeks to engage students in active learning, to assist them in establishing a meaningful value system and ethical standards, and to set high expectations for each student. By offering effective programs and participation in all venues and by encouraging and supporting activities that include athletics, recreation, student clubs and organizations, performing arts, and social awareness programs, the Centre of Student Activities provides opportunities for students to achieve a better understanding and appreciation not only for their culture, but also for the cultures of others. This fosters educational collaborations throughout the campus and builds supportive and inclusive communities.

Major Activities

1. Student Parliament

2. Club activities

3. Literary associations

4. Sports and Games

5. Tharbiyyath

6. Qutuba Training

7. Public Speaking and Performance

8. Social activism

9. Blogging

10. Media

11. Public Affairs

12. Photography

13. Health and fitness

14. Writings and Publications

15. Arts & Crafts

16. Social Awareness programs

17. Social Service Wing

18. Health Service Centre

19. Career Guidance

20. Soft-Skill development

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