I was highly privileged by the grace of God to have a day in Kerala, a day of springing knowledge, a day full of Islamic spirit, a day breezing with the fragrance of Jama’at-E- Islami; it was the day of inaugural ceremony of that great Islamic institute in to new form having different faculties and centers with new buildings ready to welcome the thrusting students.

For the first time about 19 years back I happened to attend the silver jubilee of this God blessed Jamia that has produced a number of exemplary team; some of them have been in Qatar in the Religious Institute as well as in Qatar University such as Mohammed salim, Mohammed Ali, Abdur Rahman, Hamza, Ali Bavuti and the likes.These are the good fruits of that evergreentree that always produces a quality fruits by the grace of almighty God.

I felt fortunate in this pleasant tour to this great institute accompanying with my beloved friend Dr. Ali Muhyuddin Al Quradaghi; the proven scholar and a successful propagator, along with my elder son Dr. Mohammad yusuf Ali Qaradawi, the engineer. May God reward them the best. Dr. Abdussalam and his colleagues in Jamia as well as the noble member of Jama’at-E- Islami particularly the halqua-Ameer Mr. Siddique Hasan took at most pain in organizing this great ceremony and preparing it at the best level in spite of the huge crowd of about fifty thousand of men and women.

I am proud to say that our Qatar delegation specially myself sank in to a boarding make us worthy of that hospitality. We held long meetings with these spirited brother and Jamia authorities as well to look in to its curriculum and its requirements. We gave suggestions and proposals. We are still and always in touch with them. We are very much pleased to see this great educational institute based on godliness and the favours of God, as we felt proud of its managing body and the students boys and girls.

We hope and pray almighty God that it could perform its duties and obligations at its best in spreading the message of Islam and extending its best services towards the Muslim Community in particular and the Indian people in general, and it could produce a trained modern propagator, a contemporary scholar and an up to date Muslim men and women who can look at Islam and its heritage by one eye and at the modern  era  with its day by day achievements by another one ;thus they could be able to make a real juncture of the fundamentality and the modernity. We pray Almighty God who made the present of this Jamia better than its past, to make its future far better than its present, and He may pour his at most pity and blessings upon it in shape of satisfactory management, out standing scholars, teachers and enthusiastic students