Deputy Rector of Yalova University Dr. Bilal Gokkir, Al-Jamia Al-Islamiya University, founded in Santhapuram in the Kerala region of India, attended the graduation ceremony as honorary guest. In the highly organized ceremony, the last lesson of the graduation of the students was invited speaker from Turkey.


This year, a very comprehensive meeting between 29 January and 05 February 2017, as well as many graduates of politics, scholars and academics gathered information sharing. The forum, cultural debates, conferences and cultural events that academicians have carried out during the inaugural session attended by high-level officials have been alive. Prof. Dr. Bilal Gökkır also gave a seminar in the scope of the activities. In his speech Bilal Gökkır, he gave important names such as Biruni, Imam Rabbani, Shah Veliyyaullah Dihlevi and Mawdudi, who were trained in India in the field of science and thought, and paid attention to the fact that these names were well known in Turkey and their works were translated. Emphasizing friendly relations between Turkey and India politically. Dr. Bilal Gokkir, the love of Indian Muslims to Turkey, Turkish people and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan; Especially thanks to the prayers and the support they gave with good wishes.


He also expressed his gratitude for being an invitation to such an important university that has been working in the field of Islamic researches. Dr. Bilal Gokkir ,Rector of the Yelova Islamic University He thanked Dr. Abdusalam Ahmed. He made a call for social consensus and peace, stating that he believed that university students would tolerate different beliefs and ideas that developed among Muslims on his way to becoming scholars. Reminding students that being an academician working on Islamic subjects puts a great responsibility on them. Dr. Bilal Gokkır recommended the students to study in other disciplines while working in the field of Islamic theology. He invited the world to work with scientists, engineers, politicians, and teachers to build up a good and peaceful world as a Muslim scientist who fought against poverty, discrimination, and ignorance, encouraging the world to follow every field, working with scientists, politicians and teachers and bringing up the latest technology in every field.