TAFL (Teaching Arabic as foreign language)

The TAFL, Arabic teachers training programme is aimed at equipping teachers to be professionally competent and effective with a good communicative/functional Arabic.  This programme is exclusively tailored to the needs of teachers with a single focus on their ability to produce language in a variety of situations in the classroom and outside with greater felicity, confidence and accuracy.

TAFL is a one week residential camp at Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Santhapuram conducted by Skills Development Centre on 2018 April 09-15. Interested candidates register on this Link: http://goo.gl/qrUqwh

Module highlights of the programme;

  • Functional and Communicative Arabic
  • Grammar in communicative context
  • Reading comprehension
  • Task based listening activities
  • Language Tips for Classroom Management
  • Mock/ Model classes
  • Advanced presentation Skills
  • Grammar Clinic
  • Effective public speaking(EPS)
  • Group Discussion

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Vacation camps at Al Jamia, Santhapuram

Perinthalmanna: Under the authority of Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Santhapuram Skills Development Centre, residential camps for enthusiastic students and the teaching faculties are to be held in the upcoming vacation.

Available programmes: English fiesta summer camp for high school and higher secondary students and EESOL
(Equipping Speakers of Other Language with English) camp for English teachers and TAFL (Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language) for Arabic teachers

Those interested to attend the training camps to be held during the months of April and May at Al Jamia campus are to contact the following address:
Tel: 0091-9207945556
E-mail: skillscentre@aljamia.net

Registration Link

EESOL  https://goo.gl/rJHMMd

ENGLISH FIESTA  https://goo.gl/KEE8ZU

TAFL  https://goo.gl/qrUqwh

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Al Jamia team bagged victory in Inter college Football Tournament

Al Jamiya Al Islamiya football team bagged victory in the “Arab Classico” All Kerala Inter college Football Tournament championship organized by Jamia Salafiya Students Union, Pulikkal. In the finals, they beat the team of Sullamussalam College, Areacode. In a tough fight of 28 various colleges all over Kerala, Ihjas of Jamia got to be the top scorer of the match and Shahzad awarded the best goalkeeper. Team Manager Ishaque Ali and captain K Shameem received the trophy from the organizers.

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Revisiting Maududi: National Students Conference

Sayyid Saadathulla Hussain Writes…
SIO Aljamia Urdu Unit organized a conference on the idea of Maulana Moududi’s philosophy with the permission and cooperation of the SIO Center. Many scholars of Tehreek-e-Islami tookpart in the Conference, who are responsibles for JIH and SIO were also among audiences from different states of the country.
Al Jamia Al Islamia Santapuram is a major institutional management institution organized by JIH Kerala. They provide education from eleventh to the level of post graduation. Jamia has been stood in front of the educational needs of movement and nation. For the last few years, students from Urdu speaking students from various states of the country are also taking large numbers here and now the number of Urdu students is about 200. SIO aljamia urdu unit is active among urdu students from the age of seventeen to twenty-two years. The entire conference was the result of the thinking and concern of the youngest students, and they decided to manage it first. These students were amazed by looking at seniors opinions, extinction studies, academic and intellectual depth and conducted in beauty of amazing management. Do not say, the study trend has decreased in the new generation? Public conferences organized by the SIO are definitely occurring, but children of this age should hold this level of knowledge program, its viewer might get it difficult. These youngsters dreamed of this conference themselves, planned it, topics such as their deterrence, written their sensations, contacted the country’s intellectuals. Invited the people. They have taken proper arrangement for their accomadation encluding our sisters who came to the conferance, many people came along with the family, there was beautiful stage, immune-free sound system and extremely standard video streaming of the entire conference..I do not remember that even in our Tehriki programs, this quality of streaming has been played in any of our programs in surveillance of big IT Professionals, . All this work was done with great dedication and covetousness, and then in the conference, the arrangement of these children … peace, prosperity and recreation of them.
Beloved young brothers Osama Akram, Saud Firoz Azmi, Danish Lahori , Umar Farooq and all other students welcomed and treated us in greatly and deeply toched our hearts …
Of course there will be slight mistakes in this conference. Many people can make differences on some decisions of these youngsters. What human thought can be cleared by errors and differences? But overall when we put an eye on the entire event, with heart, many prayers and praise come to them.
All these have been from the states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal etc. Students from Jamia and Kerala’s community and Jamia teachers gave them marvelous co-ordination,, and step-by-side cooperation and besowed dynamic work on their ability to shine.Mamunni Moulavi is official connected to this university. they neglected views arisen seen in step during this event. Apart from this, many students and teachers and teachers of the group were on their tongues every day.Let me mention Br Shibli Arsalan Zaki was live on every student’s tounges . The youth have the freedom to fly, but they deserve debt support and unacceptable kindness. This is the relationship between the Mther Movement and SIO, which resulted a good products. These
Students also introduced their vocational, academic, mental and cultural activities. .. One morning they demanded from me to be the guest of honour as a reference to clear their doubts.They utilize this system to educate the youth…
The result of the same environment in Jamia is seen in large number of SIO’s CACs passed out of this Jamia forthe past few years. At this time, the president Nahas Mala also is graduated here, and thelast General Secretary was graduated here at the las This environment can be created in every local community and in our educational institutions too…
In the next post, the mention of the activities of students belonging to West Bengal also be continued

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The incapable of becoming anchor is the way of victims-Dr Arun Kumar

Focus 2017 Visual Media  workshop concluded.

Dr arun kumar said :the state awards won for being the best anchor for the audience to be able to stand on the side of the victims in debates with social subjects

He said that he wanded more than being anchored by entertainment programs.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of focus 2017, which was organized by santhapuram al jamia al islamiya.

Al jamia al islamiya rector dr abdulsalam ahmed said: we can make positive use of information in the field of social majesty

Speaking about a picture of a picture rather than a few words. The madhayam senior photo editor razak thazathagade talked about the topic of the photo journalism

A short film production and a pre production photography arrangement was organized for the camp members.

Media one senior reporter sajid ajmal, yasir arafat,hasisub rahman,salih ,safwan,and irfan participated in various sessions.

Ajmal shamser salih asif ishaq and at sharafudeen led the workshop.

Coordinator zuhair ali welcome and al jamia it director shafin proposed the vote of thanks


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