Al Jamia Al Islamiya, Kerala, India aims at enlightening students and training scholars, leaders, and academics in order to serve the ever-growing Islamic education and spiritual needs of the Muslim community in contemporary India. Its goal is to produce scholars who, while being grounded in the authentic tradition of Islamic scholarship, are fully abreast of the evolving circumstances and challenges of the society. It equips them with the sound moral and spiritual vision that is authentic, relevant, transformative, and practical, reflecting the universal values of Islam.

  • To produce pious and active scholars capable of leading the Islamic society in India in terms of knowledge and thought
  • To produce enough propagators, skilled in religious and modern sciences,capable of countering the false allegations against Islam.
  • To build a meritorious cadre of leaders to shoulder various leadership responsibilities in India in general and Kerala in particular.
  • To contribute to the formation of the Islamic society according to the Islamic fundamentals by the preparation of morally and intellectually matured individuals.
  • To produce skilled women with firm faith in God , capable of shouldering their responsibilities in the modern era.
  • To conduct special courses for men and women to streamline their potentialities and craftsmanship in the field of propagation, social activities and administration and to train Imams and Khatheebs to make available their services, in reforming the society at large.
  • To help Teachers, Students and Research Scholars in carrying out different types of researchs and to promote research on strategic topics concerning the Muslim society in India.
    To formulate a typical Islamic curriculum fusing the useful old and the valid modern aspects of knowledge.