The Islamic university, Kerala, a deep rooted academic institution in democratic India has been established to meet the mounting needs of Islamic propagation in India and to fill the emptiness in the field of meaningful Islamic higher studies.The Islamic College was founded in 1955 by a group of visionaries under the capable leadership of the late Shaikh V.P. Muhammad Ali Haji (d. 1959) and Shaikh Izzudhin Mawlavi (d. 1979), may Allah have mercy on them, who were among the stalwarts of Islamic revival in Kerala.  The college was born of a new vision of fusing the traditional study of Islamic sciences with the modern social sciences, inorder to create a generation of dynamic scholars, teachers, Imams and Khateebs, preachers, and writers to serve the mounting needs of the community. It developed into a full-fledged college under the resourceful leadership of the late Shaikh Muhammad Abdul Jalal (d.2005), Shaikh A.K. Abdul Kadir Mowlavi (d.1999), Shaikh Ishaq Ali (d.1985), and many others, who were all trained scholars and leaders. By the grace of Allah, about forty batches of graduates have emerged so far, who serve in various capacities as scholars, academics, leaders, writers, and journalists, both in India and overseas. The college continued to adapt itself to changing circumstances and new trends, while remaining anchored in its vision of authentic Islamic education. It was upgraded to a university in 2003 under the able leadership of Shaikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the late Dr. Abdul Haq Ansari (d.2012), may Allah have mercy on him.