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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Al Jamia Al Islamiya set out a brave new journey on a road less travelled. In 1955, the erstwhile Islamiya College Santhapuram marked a new beginning by fusing together a holistic interdisciplinary Islamic educational paradigm that combined Islamic tenets of knowledge with the futuristic secular education. This unique model set the tone and tenor for an Islamic educational renaissance in Kerala. Much has changed since then. It propelled many other institutions to shed the burdens of the past and enter a new era in Islamic education . The single biggest contribution of Al Jami was, perhaps, that it was instrumental in changing the prevailing narrative of Islamic education in Kerala. Al Jamia has, by the grace of Allah, been successful in producing a new cadre of scholars, thought-leaders, Da'wa workers, socio-political activists, media persons,writers, and intellectuals capable of leading the community from the front. They are, thank God, rendering exemplary services in a wide spectrum of fields in India and abroad. In 2003, the institution was upgraded to the status of an Islamic University by the world - renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Dr. Yusuf Al Qaradawi. [more..]

Vision & Mission

Al Jamia Al Islamiya envisions itself as a fountainhead of an innovative and liberating Islamic educational movement for the creation of an empowered and sensitized generation who could peer into the keyhole of tomorrow as to build a brave new world for humanity with abiding Islamic ethos, justice and values. [more..]

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